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The information below is a brief generalization. More in depth information is widely available with a google search.


Succulents and cacti like myself  are low maintenance. We have adapted to tolerate long periods of drought. Water:- If your container has drainage holes, water once a week during active growth period. If your container does not have drainage holes, water lightly to moisten soil but do not let water pool up at the bottom of container which can cause our roots rotting. And please let soil to dry between watering.  We enjoy bright light, such as a south facing window indoors or an area with bright, indirect light outdoors. 


I am a native of the tropics and perform best in full sun or bright indoor light. I come in an incredibly variety of color and design. My colorful leaves are arguably my most striking feature. However, my vibrant colors will fade if I do not receive enough light. The more varied my colors the more light I may need. As an indoor plant, I am a diva and have a reputation for being fussy, but that's because they didn't get to know me. Firstly, I do not like sudden change, especially temperature and location change. I can go into shock and lose my beautiful leaves. Secondly, I am a tropical plant, & like  humidity, regular misting will keep me looking my best. Water me when the top of my soil is dry to the touch & be sure to water the water flows out the bottom of the container. Temperatures below 60 F. (15 C.) is not for me. (Although I do not sell them, some variety of crotons prefer lower lighting, check yoir variety to make sure).


Whether you're leaving me indoor or outdoor, I like moist soil so water me regularly. You wouldn't believe how fast I'll shrivel up if my soil gets too dry. My native habitat are along banks you know. I enjoy sun sunshine, a little shade is OK. I probably look cute and well-behaved right now but plant me in your garden and soon I'll use my rhizomes (basically my underground stem) to run horizontally and take over your garden. I can run 4 feet in 1 year. Small containers keep me tamed. I benefit a lot from regular picking and pruning. 


It’s easy to clone me from cuttings, just take about  6" of a stem and plant me at an angle in the soil. My roots a really shallow, it's easy to uproot a piece of rooted stem or rhizome and replant. I can even root in a glass of water, use a piece of stem from an established plant and keep indoors in a well lighted area.


Whether in container or in ground, use mulch, rocks etc. to keep dirt off my leaves.


  • In Soil:

Grow me indoors, I thrive in bright, medium and low indirect light. Allow my soil dry out between watering. I'm not fond of soggy soil. I am is a light eater, a houseplant fertilizer a few times a year is just fine.

  • In Water:

Change my water about every 3 weeks and top off when I get low. Most of my roots should be submerged below water. This can be used as a guide on how much water to add. You may fertilize me once a month to once every other month by adding a small few drops of liquid or few grains of granular fertilizer to water. If you find me lovely and wish to clone me, it's super easy. Cut a small portion with at least 5 nodes then put me in water or soil, whatever your preference. As long as I keep growing you can keep propagating.


  • Too much sun will cause my leaves to pale. Moving me from shade to sun will cause sun burn. The horror!

  • When my leaves droop and looks dull I am thirsty, but don't wait too long to quench my thirst or my gorgeous leaves will begin to fall off. #oh no to thinning hair!

  • All clear containers with soil are sprayed to deter the algae growth ( Algae grows in the presence of light and water). But for my sisters in clear container (Plants rooted in water only) keeping me in low light, cleaning container occasionally or if you notice algae can also help. ( I keep my pothos rooted in water in low light... kitchen, bedroom etc. I  have yet to notice any algae growth in any of my plants).  


All around the world, I am well known and loved by many including pests. Whiteflies and hornworms are my most usual suspects and both can destroy entire crops within days, so stay vigilant and know the warning signs.

 I love water and sun. Water me everyday preferably early in the morning, perhaps twice a day if you're growing me in a pot. Try and be consistent when you water me, inconsistent watering can lead to cracked fruit and invite pests. I desire at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.  You may trim the lower leaves off the bottom 12 inches of the stem to help to keep diseases from spreading from the soil to foliage. Stakes or trellis' may be used for support.


I am a perennial here in Florida. I grow about 2-4 feet tall. I perform best if I am planted in full sun and moist well-drained soil. But I can handle some shade and dryness. I can even stay in my container and brought inside over winter as long as you have a bright sunny place for me. I am the proud hostess with the mostess for two butterflies, the Monarch butterfly and the Queen butterfly. Of Course, other butterflies also find me extremely attractive as a nectar plant. You are sure to enjoy the parade of colors. 


Oleander aphids (Aphis nerii) In my opinion, are the grand dragons of pest when it comes to my kind. These tiny orange insects multiply by cloning themselves & in no time they can take over a plant. They work by sucking the nutrients from me. Fortunately, a concentrated spray of water will wash them right off, Keep spraying as soon as you see them, eventually they will get the message. Also, soap and water spray solution, or just scrape them off with your hands. If they become overwhelming, cut away affected stalk and dispose in a tied bag. I am a fast grower, in no time I will spring back lush and bountiful. I do not recommend pesticide: Think about the Caterpillars! Neem oil works but this also will kill the caterpillars


 Butterflies lay a lot of eggs & caterpillars are ravenous. It can be alarming at first when they eat all the leaves down to bare stalks, but fear not, I will bounce back within days as if nothing happened. 

If my stalks get to spindly and dry, you may cut me back for fresh new growth.

Wind dispersion is the main way I spread my seeds, I will sprout almost anywhere I land so be on the look out for babies. 


I adore warmth, Moist soil & grow best in a location that gets 6 to 8 hours of full sun daily, though I adapt well to partial sun too. But no cold weather.
Soil should be moist but well-drained, If in a planter without drainage holes (jar, cups) be careful not to let water pool. Start with a small amount of water & go from there. Pruning is important to my health and physique. Prune larger leaves regularly, preferably in the mornings when my leaves are moistest and juiciest. This encourages me to start branching, resulting in more leaves for harvest. Everytime a branch has six to eight leaves, prune me back to my first set of leaves Pinch off the center shoot to prevent early flowering. If flowers do grow, just cut them off


I am considered a sacred plant in Hawaii and many other parts of the world, I am said to offer spiritual protection to the bearer of the leaves, but I digress. I prefer an area with bright sunlight & I am fussy about being moisturized. I require moist soil, whether grown indoors or out. To make me bushier and encourage growth, within 6 inches of the soil, cut me back to a foot tall in early spring. A general fertilizer every 3 months will be enough for me to shine.  

All information provided here are not conclusive. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any plant. We encourage further research for more in depth information. For questions or suggestions please contact us by using the button below.