Lake Worth, FL, USA

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We are a home based crafting & consignment shop. At WaknWat, we believe that when you waste not you want not. This is why, unless marked otherwise, our craft items are made from repurposed materials. Our wakandles are made from repurposed candles, our wicks are always brand new, pre-waxed & braided. Our citronella is the only fragrance we add and we use only 100% essential oil. Utmost care with a side of love is taken when purifying & making each candle to ensure quality results. 

Our dream catchers are made using metal bangles/bracelet, metal rings from hubcaps, containers, handbags etc. Most of the trinkets added are repurposed from toys etc. Our threads and suedes are always brand new. Our dream catchers are well made to last & will not feel flimsy or cheap. At waknwat, we aim to impress!

Our Jewelry are made from shells collected over the years, shells are cleaned and nothing else. Even the holes are naturally formed. Some shells, especially the Lettered Olive Shell, will have sea treasure still stuck inside, we leave them if they are secure enough. Our Gems are repurposed from other accessories. Our chains, suedes and closures are always new

All our hand crafted items are made with love and attention to details. Our Waconsignment items are examined thoroughly to bring you quality selection at a price you can't refuse.